Kobe Bryant Has Doubts Regarding Healing Achilles

Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant is known for his extreme confidence and relentless work ethic- But after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon last season, even he may be questioning his recovery.

Throughout his recovery, Bryant has continued to exert confidence in himself and in the idea of returning to the court faster than anyone is anticipating- However it's impossible to not wonder whether Bryant will ever play like he once did after such a devastating injury, even for himself.

Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News has discovered an interview with Bryant from his time in China this summer- In the interview Bryant states,

"As I sit here with you now, I'm telling you now I'll come back 100 percent- But I don't know if I'm sure. I have moments and days where I doubt myself. The people who say they will never come back from this injury, to me, that says if they had this injury, they would quit. That's what it means to me. If they sit here and look at me and say I can't do it, that means if it happened to you, you wouldn't do it. I have to show them just as much as I show people who support me that this can be done and I can come back from this. By me coming back, it shows people who doubt me to reconsider what's possible."
The interview showed us a humbled Kobe, and proves even the Black Mamba is only human.

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