Melo: Knicks are better than last year

The New York Knicks were pretty good last season, but Carmelo Anthony says they are better heading into this season.  The Knicks superstar believes that with the Knicks talent and the Brooklyn Nets rise, those two teams will have the best rivalry in the NBA.

According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, Anthony will have even more of a scorer's mentality heading into this season.  As if his desire to have the ball on every possession was not enough, Melo intends to try to score more.  If that works for them, Anthony could be right with his prediction.  However, such a scoring mentality does not always translate to success.  Of course, Anthony did not say his scoring mentality was the only reason the Knicks would be better, but he didn't get into more specifics.

“We were the top two seed last year,’’ Anthony said. “I think nobody expected that. This year we expect to do the same thing. I actually see this team be better than last year’s team. I won’t get into all the details [why]. But we feel that. We feel we have improved as a unit.”

Anthony was hampered by injuries at times last season - including an injury that occurred after he trip while running down the court untouched - so it's possible that if healthy, this upcoming season can be even better for the Knicks.  However, they will likely need more help than Anthony can provide alone.

For example, the Knicks struggled with their big man presence.  If they can overcome that this season, they have a real shot at improving.  They will also have to stay a lot more healthy.  That's always difficult during the grind of an 82-game season.

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