Timberwolves rumors: Minnesota shopping Derrick Williams

As the NBA Draft approaches, there are several teams that are reportedly looking to trade down. Flip Saunders and the Minnesota Timberwolves are looking to go in the other direction, as Charley Walters of The Pioneer Press reports the team will attempt to trade Derrick Williams and the No. 9 overall pick to move up in the draft.
Prior to this new report, there was speculation that the Timberwolves were eyeing UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammed at No. 9 overall. However, Minnesota will now see what kinds of offers it can garner by shopping Williams and its top pick.

Minnesota made Williams the No. 2 overall selection just two seasons ago after his strong final season at the college level. He has developed into a nice player, but nothing spectacular so far. Last season with Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio injured, Williams averaged 12.0 points and 5.5 rebounds over 25 minutes per game.

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One Response to Timberwolves rumors: Minnesota shopping Derrick Williams

  1. I think trading Dwill will be a huge mistake because he has not been allowed to truly develop and he made some good improvement last year with more playing time. A line up of Rubio, ?, Dwill, Klove, Pek would be a hard line up for any NBA team to play against. With a shooter at the 2 spot who can defend the perimeter and hit the 3 with a descent % we would be hard to play against for years to come.

    I think trading D-Will will be a huge mistake. He made good improvement with more playing time. The Timberwolves is putting to much faith in a aging AK47. Dwill can be the third or fourth scoring option that this team will need and he plays well with Rubio. We have not had a chance to see DWill play along side Klove to see if they will play well together or not. The team should first see if a line up of Rubio, ? 2spot Dwill, Klove, Pek will play like. Just looking at this line up depending on who we get to play at the 2 spot it surely a line up that would be hard for team to handle. Huge Mistake trade JJ Barea or Luke because we have a log jam at the PG position and we don't need to be giving a aging AK47 10mil for one year. That is paying out too much money on a player who is on the decline.


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