The Warriors could really use more David Lee

Come back in time with me to day one of the NBA postseason. The Golden State Warriors have just lost to the to the Denver Nuggets and David Lee has torn his hip flexor. I write Golden State off. Then, Game 2 happens.

Point of emphasis: 0:25 to 0:47, three of Curry’s 13 assists. Did you see how open Draymond Green, Richard Jefferson and Carl Landry were?! Denver was totally dissing them, man. I bet they don’t leave David Lee that open.

Denver respects David Lee. They did not respect Landry…or Andrew Bogut…or Harrison Barnes, all of whom made the Nuggets pay throughout the series for over-helping on Curry. Golden State’s smaller names reached new heights, and Denver was unprepared to deal with them.

We are now five games into Golden State’s series against the Spurs, and San Antonio is prepared. Unlike Denver, the Spurs have seen it all. They saw Bogut’s 14 point 21 rebound performance against the Nuggets. They’ve had Klay Thompson score 34 points on them and experienced 26 from Harrison Barnes two games later. The Warriors have survived in the playoffs by surprising opponents, but can no longer surprise the Spurs.

Unless…David Lee.

Lee played a mere 12 minutes the other night. I’m sure it was a painful 12 minutes for him, but the pain didn’t seem to impact him; he scored six points off of 3-for-3 shooting. I did not expect him to be that effective and neither did the Spurs.

It is unclear whether he can play more than 12 minutes, but if he can, he just might be the last surprise that the Warriors have left.

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