Lakers rumors: Dwight Howard to impact Pau Gasol

The focus of the NBA offseason is likely to be on free agent center Dwight Howard. While Howard’s decision will impact the future of several teams, it will also impact his former Los Angeles Lakers teammates, perhaps none more than Pau Gasol.

It’s been widely assumed that the Lakers will not bring back both Gasol and Howard due to the hefty price tag each carries with them. Howard is expected to sign for big money this summer, while the final year of Gasol’s contract is set to pay him $19.2 million.

Still, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak indicated that there are scenarios where both players rejoin Los Angeles. All-Star Kobe Bryant has campaigned for this, as he hopes to keep the gang together for at least one more season.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that the Lakers’ focus will initially be on Howard. Gasol told Sam Ammick of USA Today that he understands that his situation could largely be impacted by what happens with Dwight.
"Obviously from the team's standpoint, the sooner Dwight makes his decision the better," Pau said. "And as players and teammates too (it's better), because in a way I don't know — there's certain things that depend on his decision, right? Probably. I don't know what percentage (it factors in), or to what extent, but to some extent yes."

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