Are the Warriors more dangerous without David Lee?

When forward David Lee suffered his hip injury during Game 1 of the team's opening-round series, many thought it spelled doom for the Golden State Warriors' chances of advancing deep into the postseason. But despite Lee's absence, Golden State continues to shine behind excellent performances from shooting guard Stephen Curry. With this being the case, Tim Kawakami of The Mercury News makes the argument that the Warriors are actually a more dangerous team without Lee.

Before making his case, Kawakami clarifies that Lee was imperative in helping the Warriors win 47 games and obtain the seed they did in the playoffs. He was a huge part of the team that was without Andrew Bogut and included multiple young players for most of the season.

But, as the Warriors stand even at 1-1 with the San Antonio Spurs in the second round of the playoffs, Kawakami says that "there just isn't much doubt" that Lee's injury hasn't hurt them. The ailment has actually freed Golden State to be more of the team they should truly be; one that plays faster and more aggressive.

Kawakami notes that the Warriors are 5-2 in the playoffs when Lee's played less than two minutes and 0-1 when he's played more than two minutes. While Lee is known for his rebounding, Kawakami adds that Golden State is second-best among playoff teams in field-goal percentage and third-best in rebound percentage.

It's hard to imagine that the Warriors are better off without Lee, an NBA All-Star, but Kawakami makes the point they are. What do you think?

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