Kobe Bryant’s injury wasn’t caused by increased minutes

At the time of Los Angeles Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant’s season-ending injury, there was talk that the torn Achilles tendon the guard suffered could be at least somewhat attributed to the fact that he was playing nearing every minute for his team. However, Bryant’s personal trainer Tim Grover told reporters – including Mark Medina of The Los Angeles Daily News – that the injury had “nothing to do with the minutes he had been playing.”

“It had nothing to do with the minutes he had been playing or anything of that sort,” Grover said in a phone interview with this newspaper. “A torn Achilles tendon is a very freaky injury. It’s just one of those things that just happened.”

While he admitted that “everybody is trying to look at somebody to blame” for Bryant’s injury, but it can likely be attributed to everyday movements and not due to the fact that he was averaging 47 minutes per game just prior to tearing his Achilles.

Grover told reporters that Bryant’s tear could possibly be attributed to bone spurs in his foot, but these could have been the result of movements such as getting out of bed or stepping off a sidewalk.

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