John Wall thinks Derrick Rose should sit out the season

If the Washington Wizards were good and heading to the playoffs, John Wall's comments could have been construed as a competitor hoping his top competition remained off the court.  However, the fact that the Wizards are horrible and Wall has nothing to gain by Rose being sidelined makes his comments fell more genuine.

According to Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago, Wall believes Rose should sit out the rest of the season.  Wall battled a stress reaction in his knee for much of the year and understands the pressure put on players to return as soon as possible.  He just thinks Rose would be better off sitting the remainder of the season.

"I think the organization and the team understands how hard [Rose plays] and what he does for the city and the team, how hard he works and what he wants to bring back to that city," said Wall, whose Wizards defeated the Bulls 90-86 Tuesday night. "So I think [based off] what he has already done, they would understand if he didn't come back."

As we all know by now, Rose has been medically cleared by doctors to play.  However, he still does not feel ready mentally.  There is a mental block about coming back from a knee injury.  Until the player experiences game action and realizes the knee is not going to blow up, it's hard to get over that mental block.

Rose has looked good in practice according to numerous reports.  In fact, teammates have said he dominates practice.  It's not a huge leap to go from full 5-on-5 full contact practice to a game, but Rose is not ready.  And John Wall understands.

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