Greg Oden watched Portland Trail Blazers take on Memphis Grizzlies

The news in and of itself would not even be worth noting.  Former players watch their former teams all the time.  However, when Greg Oden returned to the Rose Garden to watch the Portland Trail Blazers take on the Memphis Grizzlies, it was worth noting.  Oden's not a former player in the NBA, just a former player for the Blazers because of injury, and this marked his first appearance since he was released by the team.

According to AP reports, Oden was there to support his friend and Grizzlies' player Mike Conley.  Oden was shown on the video board to mostly positive responses, but there is definitely a sense of "what-if" in Portland.

Oden gave the Blazers five seasons, but in those five seasons he combined for a total of 82 games-played - and none of those games came after 2010.  He was waived by the team a year ago and is now looking to sign elsewhere this summer.  Oden's injury history is well-documented, but he's willing to give it another shot after working his way back and getting himself to 100 percent.

In his career, Oden averaged 9.4 points and 7.3 rebound per game for the Blazers.  He was expected to do so much more than that.  Oden was drafted number one overall back in 2007.

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