Bulls’ Derrick Rose ‘most likely out’ for playoffs

After missing the entire regular season while recovering from a significant knee injury, no one really expected Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose to return for the playoffs. This is the vibe the Bulls have been giving off, but coach Tom Thibodeau left the door open for a potential return yesterday when speaking with reporters. He said that while Rose is “most likely out” for the remainder of the postseason, “you never know,” according to CSN Chicago.

"Most likely out, but you never know. The playoffs are stretched out too, so you have to factor that in too. So, who knows another week from now where he is so, you always want to have that possibility open,” Thibodeau said.

Thibodeau attributed the length of the playoffs to the fact that Rose could potentially return at some point. This figures to only extend the angst if Rose doesn’t return.

Beyond Rose, the Bulls are dealing with multiple other injuries to key players. Joakim Noah and his foot injury are receiving most of the attention, but forward Taj Gibson is also hampered by a knee issue.

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