Bulls’ Derrick Rose likely out for season

In an unsurprising report, K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune says that it’s “all but a certainty” that Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose misses the remainder of the season, adding that fans should expect the All-Star “back for training camp.”

Considering it doesn’t appear Rose will be back during the regular season or playoffs this year, Johnson asked coach Tom Thibodeau if the team would have been better off just declaring the guard out from the beginning.

"Obviously, you can look back and say that now, but we never felt that way. We knew it was the type of injury that takes time, so you just want to do what you feel is right. We feel like we've done that."

It’s easy to forget that Rose was cleared for full scrimmaging on Feb. 18. He’s since practiced well, but he continues to give no signs of playing in actual games.

Thibodeau said that there’s no “drop-dead date” that Rose has to return by, as he continues to stick by his player. He reiterated that the guard is putting “a ton” into his rehab, adding that “once he feels ready, he’ll go.”

While some have been holding out hope that Rose would feel ready this season, most now believe he won’t be back until training camp.

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