What's next for Andrew Bynum when he hits free agency?

The Philadelphia 76ers have not even been able to see Andrew Bynum play in their uniform for their team.  The former Lakers center has battled knee issues all season and is now set for bilateral knee surgery that will end his season.  And to top things off, Bynum is a free agent at the end of the year.

Do the 76ers bring him back even though they lost an entire season to his health problems?  Do they let him walk never knowing how he could have impacted the franchise?  NBA.com had a few of its writers sit down to hash out the scenario.

"Someone who is (a) very desperate or (b) loves to gamble. Or – oh, yeah – someone who gave up a lot of talent and prospects to get him. The 76ers will try to keep him, that’s for sure. The only question is what that means in tangible terms: Will their offer be in line with what Bynum expects and whether another team will be on that desperate side. But if you want one team, I’d say Philly."

The options are plentiful, but the 76ers will have to make a decision.  Is it worth going down the path of another season potentially lost in exchange for the possibility that Bynum can actually be healthy and lead Philadelphia to the playoffs?  When he is healthy, he's one of the league's best.

Last season, Bynum remained relatively healthy throughout the season.  He also had his best year.  Bynum averaged 18.7 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks per game.  He was everything everyone hoped he'd be and more.  That's what the 76ers wanted.

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