Royce White keeps saying things that hurt his chances at NBA

Does Royce White have a point?  Maybe.  However, the Houston Rockets and the NBA seem to have been accommodating as possible to his mental health condition.  White's anxiety had been addressed up front when the Rockets drafted him, but White felt the team was not doing enough to accommodate him, refused to go to the D-League, made a big scene on Twitter, but has since joined the Rockets' affiliate in Texas.  Now, White says the team and the NBA don't want him around.

Here's what he told the Huffington Post:

"If I was to make an educated guess, I would guess that Adam Silver and David Stern and the Rockets organization, some other owners in the league, GMs, want me gone. And why do they want me gone? Because business is about convenience, not about doing what’s necessary. It’s about cutting overhead."

There's nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in.  However, White seems to completely ignore the facts.  Unless the public stance the Rockets have taken regarding White's condition is completely different behind closed doors, the team has been willing to bend as much as possible to accommodate the rookie's anxiety disorder.  They won't break though, and that's what every company in America is expected to do.  Accommodate up to a reasonable point.

White's comment do not help him in any way.  He's not going to get to the NBA any faster by criticizing his employer.  While people have a right to do so, they must also live with the consequences.  White has been decent, not great in the D-League.  He needs all the help he can get to make the NBA roster.  Yet, comments like the ones he made to the Huffington Post will only serve to keep him out of the NBA longer.

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