Kobe Bryant Out Indefinitely With Sprained Left Ankle, Gets Treatment

A controversial play where fans are arguing whether Dahntay Jones intentionally tripped Kobe Bryant or not ended up greatly reduced the Lakers chances of making the playoffs. It was reported by various reporters, including Yahoo! Sports, that Kobe Bryant will miss significant time after severely spraining his left ankle.

It's pretty obvious, but Kobe Bryant missing any extended period of time is critical considering how the Lakers are on the edge of either making or missing the playoffs. With the way they have been playing, people were believing in seventh or sixth seed for the Lakers but those hopes died when Kobe Bryant collapsed in a heap.

Bryant received several hours of treatment on Thursday. He described this injury as the worst sprained ankle of his 17-year career, which bodes bad news for the future. Kobe has played through a rash of injuries, its just who he is. He's a competitor and there's not much that will stop him from playing. But at this age and with the severity that he's describing, a return soon does not appear likely.

Many declared the injury to be a dirty play, and intentional. Jones denied trying to hurt Kobe but Kobe seems to hold different thoughts. He tweeted out #cleanupthegame in one his tweets, expressing how he felt about the play. The day after the play, the NBA confirmed that it was a foul that they missed.
After review at the league office, video replay confirmed that referees missed a foul call on Jones as he challenged Bryant's shot and did not give him the opportunity to land cleanly back on the floor," said the statement on the NBA's web site. "Bryant should have been granted two free throws."
Despite Bryant's seemingly unnatural durability and his ability to play through pain and still perform well, fans should not be surprised to see Kobe miss more than a few games. Kobe has played through several injuries and if he is calling this the worst sprain he's felt in his career, its bad. Regardless, many hope to see him play again, considering this may be the penultimate season for his NBA career.

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