Gilbert Arenas has no plans to return to the NBA

Gilbert Arenas was one of the leagues bigger stars for a short period of time.  He was successful in Washington until a series of injuries left him at a point where he could not handle the grind of an NBA season.  Now, Arenas is playing in China and has no plans to attempt a comeback in the NBA.

According to Karan Madhok of Slam Magazine, Arenas is enjoying his time in China.  His injuries aren't fully healed, she says, but Arenas is happy with his playing days in China.  When asked about a potential return to the NBA, he said:

"Nah! Because after this season I can enjoy my family. You know my kids are getting older. Being in the NBA, you don’t really get to enjoy your family life because you’re always on the road, you’re always gone. So, no. After this season will be the first time I’ll get to be with my kids for a long period of time."

Arenas was an All-Star in the NBA.  He led the Wizards to the playoffs.  He made them relevant.  However, as much talent as Arenas may have had, he did not have the best judgement to help keep his career in the spotlight - at least for good reasons.  Arenas dealt with injuries and suspensions and probation.  It was a rough few years before Arenas left the NBA behind.

So while he could probably still play and put up some numbers in the NBA, don't expect him to come back.  He's a star again in China.  And he's happy.

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