Clippers' Blake Griffin takes shot to groin from Serge Ibaka (VIDEO)

Apparently the unwritten rule in the NBA is that if you get frustrated, you should hit an opponent in the groin.  Seems to happen way too frequently, and it happened again last night.  Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder gave Blake Griffin a nice little love tap.  The Los Angeles Clippers star went down in obvious pain, and the shot was clearly intentional, but Ibaka was not tossed.

Check out the video:

Ibaka is "boxing out" for a rebound and reaches around with a clear punch to Griffin's groin.  Somehow Griffin maintains his composure and does not retaliate (or maybe he was in so much pain he couldn't think).  The NBA will likely look at the punch further, but at the time it was surprising that Ibaka was not tossed from the game.

The Thunder went on to win, but Griffin still scored 20 points in the Clippers' loss.  Ibaka scored 16 points in the game.

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