Bulls Injury News: Derrick Rose needs confidence

There's really no reason to rush back, but the fans want to see him.  Derrick Rose's Chicago Bulls are a solid team, but even if he were to rush back, he may not make the difference between an early exit in the playoffs and a deep run.  Especially if he is dealing with confidence issues.

Rose just wants to feel normal says Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago.  He wants to be able to get onto the court and play with confidence.  Even if he forces himself back, he likely won't be the same player until he gets that confidence back.

"I really don't know [about a return this season]. I'm just like you all where I'm waiting till that day where I feel normal."

The problem with Rose waiting until he feels normal is that in most cases, he won't feel normal until he gets back on the court.  It's difficult to overcome the mental hurdles that come along with an injury until actually playing the game.

The Bulls are 35-28 this season.  It's an impressive record considering they have been without Rose all season and the injuries the team has death with throughout the year.  Could they have been better with Rose?  Sure.  Would they win the championship with Rose?  No one knows, but it's not entirely likely.

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