NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith, Eric Gordon

With the deadline right around the corner, NBA teams across the league are scrambling to make last-minute decisions on who to trade, who to target, who to keep, and who to stay away from.  Two players garnering some attention are Josh Smith and Eric Gordon.

According to Sam Amick of USA Today, a big trade is unlikely for the Houston Rockets.  However, the team has expressed interest in Smith.  James Harden came over during last offseason and has made an instant impact on the team's success.  Smith could help push the team over the top, but only if Houston is ready to pull the trigger.  And it seems they may not be.

Eric Gordon expressed a desire to be traded away from New Orleans, but the Hornets made it clear that would not happen when they matched an offer sheet he received from the Phoenix Suns last offseason. Now, according to Chris Broussard of, there is a possibility that Gordon could be trade.  It just might be a long shot.

Both players could make an immediate impact elsewhere, but they can also offer their current teams plenty.  Smith has helped the Atlanta Hawks maintain a playoff position in the Eastern Conference.  Gordon, when he's been able to play, has given the Hornets and instant boost.  It's not surprising that either player has attracted attention, but it will be equally not surprising if neither gets traded.

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