Kings' DeMarcus Cousins' troubles continue

DeMarcus Cousins can't seem to stay on the court.  He manages to stay healthy, he has talent, and he is getting paid a decent amount of money.  Yet, the Sacramento Kings center continues to miss time every now and then.  He has been suspended and tossed from games numerous times.  And last night was no exception.

Cousins was ejected at halftime last night for arguing with referees.  He has a history of disagreements with refs, broadcasters, other players, and coaches.  But Cousins hasn't changes.  He feels he doesn't get the same treatment as other players, but he continues to do things like he did last night.  Arguing with refs is alright to a certain extent.  Doing so to the point of ejection earns you a reputation.

The Kings are having a rough season.  They do not need the distraction of the circus that generally follows Cousins, but Sacramento has been reluctant to trade the 22 year old.  Cousins had incredible talent.  He proved that at Kentucky, and he's shown flashes of it in the NBA.

In three NBA seasons so far, Cousins has averaged 16.2 points and 9.8 rebounds per game.  This seasons, he is averaging 17.2 points and 10.0 rebounds.  It's hard to part ways with that kind of talent, so the Kings have to find a way to get Cousins' temper under control.  He is only hurting himself and the team by letting things get to him the way he does.

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