Lakers' Players Went At Each Other in Team Meeting

Injuries, poor play, and losses can really strain a team's confidence in each other.  Such is the case with the Los Angeles Lakers.  The team has battled through numerous injuries, and they have struggled with players trying to adapt to new playing styles and offensive systems.  But the bottom line is they haven't played well.  And to get back on the same page, the team held a meeting.

According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times (via Fox Sports), players went at each other in the meeting.  They questioned desire, motives, and who had problems with who.  The meeting was productive from a standpoint of getting long-festering issues out in the open.  Whether it helps the team win remains to be seen.

The Lakers are still dealing with an onslaught of injuries.  Only recently did Pau Gasol return to the court.  Dwight Howard is playing at 80%.  Steve Nash is still not back to 100%.  Kobe Bryant hasn't been 100% all season long.  They will need a great deal of luck, determination, and improved performance if they are going to turn things around at this point.

The Lakers are off to their worst start since Bryant joined the team.  They are 12th in the Western Conference standings with a record well below .500.  Bryant has stepped up as he always does, but the rest of the team will need to do their part.

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