Bulls All-Around Game Allowing Them to Succeed Without Derrick Rose

Why are the Chicago Bulls still good?  They lost their star point guard during the 2011-12 playoffs.  They do not know when he will return.  Yet, they are winnings.  The Bulls beat the red-hot New York Knicks last night, and they have improved their record to 11-8 on the season.

The Bulls have managed to succeed without Rose, which in and of itself deserves a prize.  They've done so with ball movement, long-range shooting, and unselfish play.  The Bulls look like a team that has committed itself to getting better and playing well without Rose.  And according to Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated.  In his article, Mahoney points out what the Bulls do well, and what has kept them in the running for a playoff spot.

Rose is not near his return.  He and the team are not giving a concrete timetable.  They had previously said the superstar guard would be ready by February.  The Bulls can't wait until then to be successful.  They have to do it now and do it often.

Without Rose, the Bulls are overcoming.  But they have been faced with other injury concerns.  Kirk Heinrich has been injured this season, and Richard Hamilton is also injured.  If they can hang on until the Rose returns, this team could be specials.

Rose averaged 21.8 points per game last season.  He has averaged 21.0 points per game in his career.

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