Jason Kapono's Wife Having Pregnancy Complications, May Not Play Overseas

Jason Kapono played nine NBA seasons before heading overseas to continue his career.  His goal was to play for the Greek team Panathinaikos.  However, his wife is having problems with her pregnancy and Kapono has not made the decision yet to go to Athens.

According to Aris Barkas of Eurohoops.net, Kapono has stated he is delaying his departure to play for the Greek team.  He and the team had already reached an agreement before the complications arose.  Kapono wrote an open letter to the team thanking them for their support and explaining the situation to some degree.

“Having reached a deal with Panathinaikos last week, I faced an unexpected family emergency, that delayed my departure to Greece. At this moment my situation is still unclear and I don’t know yet if it will prevent me from fulfilling my obligations to the team."
Kapono averaged 6.7 points per game in his NBA career, but he could not find work for this current 2012-13 season.  Instead of retire altogether, Kapono decided to play overseas.  It's a decision a lot of players make.  They can still make decent money overseas, get more playing time, and live like a star after that star has faded in the NBA.

The 31-year old was a stand-out at UCLA.  Known for his three-point shooting skills in college, Kapono carried that into the NBA.  He shot 43.4% from the three-point line in the NBA.  He may eventually find work in the NBA, but for now he is out of the league and potentially out of the sport if he doesn't end up playing for  Panathinaikos.

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