Hornets' Head Coach Monty Williams Wants to Remind the NBA That This is a 'Man's Game'

Head injuries are serious business.  But don't tell that to New Orleans Hornets head coach Monty Williams.  With increased focus across all the major professional sports on concussions, Williams was frustrated with the protocols in place that are keeping Anthony Davis sidelined.

Davis was unable to make the road trip with the Hornets because he has to undergo a series of tests after suffering a mild concussion on Friday.  Davis was injured when he took an elbow to the head from teammate Austin Rivers.  While Davis and Coach Williams wanted the number one overall pick to make the trip to Chicago yesterday, doctors and the NBA would not allow it.  And this had Williams hot before Saturday's game.

"Now, they treat everybody like they have white gloves and pink drawers and it's getting old. It's just the way the league is now."
Williams clearly doesn't care for the increased efforts to prevent the long-term issues associated with head injuries - even minor ones.
"It's a man's game," Williams said. "They're treating these guys like they're 5 years old. He desperately wanted to come (to Chicago), but he couldn't make it."
The truth is, Williams is a former player and his position is understandable.  It would be easy to characterizing him as out of touch and without compassion for the seriousness of these injuries.  But for us who did not play this game professionally, we have to take a step back and understand the mentality of those who did.  Professional athletes in any sport just want to play.  That's all they understand.  When these athletes become coaches, they just want their players to play.  For Williams, and probably Davis, all this is is a bump on the head.  For us, it's a concern.

And that is exactly why every major sports league has adopted protocols to protect players from themselves.  Players cannot be trusted to do what's right for their body.  Taking the option out of their hands is the right thing, even if it may ruffle the feathers of a player or coach here and there.

Material used from Associated Press reports.

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