76ers Injury News: Still No Update on Andrew Bynum

The Philadelphia 76ers are not talking about Andrew Bynum's health.  And no one is quite sure why, least of all Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News.  Cooney wants to know why the team is being so secretive about Bynum's status.

But why the secrecy from the higher-ups about Bynum? Why can't DiLeo let us know whether Bynum is on the new, weight-bearing treadmill that seemingly was brought to the Sixers' practice facility specifically for him? Or whether he is taking to the court with his team at any time to observe? Or whether he is working out on his own to sharpen his basketball skills? Or maybe how much longer they think the "non-basketball activities" rule will be in place?

The team may be understandably frustrated by the whole Andrew Bynum "situation."  They traded away one of their best players - Andre Iguodala - to get Bynum, and yet they have not been able to see him in action.  The young center with so much promise but so many injuries is showing his fragility without ever having played a game for the Sixers.

But Philadelphia isn't even giving cursory updates.  The team won't answer simple questions about Bynum's status, instead choosing to tell media there is no update.  The truth is, there is always an update.  This site wouldn't exist if there wasn't.  Things change, players improve, players regress.  There is always something to talk about.  So, the Sixers are simply choosing not to talk about it.

Bynum, 25, dealt with a slew of injuries while playing for the Lakers, but the 76ers took a chance on him.  They saw what he could do while healthy.  For example, last season Bynum averaged 18.7 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game.  But then again, he has only managed to play a full season twice in his career.

It's easy to be frustrated by Bynum's injuries.  However, keeping his status a secret will only serve to alienate him from the fans and the media.

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