Dirk Nowitzki Will Be Just Fine Says Mavericks Owner

Mark Cuban has been one of the most boisterous and vocal owners in the NBA.  The Dallas Mavericks owner has been known to get himself into trouble with some of the things he says.  He's been fined, been reprimanded, and been praised.  He built a team in Dallas that took home the 2010-11 NBA championship.  He knows what he's doing and generally knows what he's saying, so when he talked about Dirk Nowitzki's knee injury, people listened.

Cuban says Nowitzki will be "fine," and he doesn't think the knee injury will hurt the Mavericks or Nowitzki's season.  According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas, Cuban knows this because of Nowitzki's handling of past injuries.

"Because he's gone through it before," Cuban said. "He went through it earlier in his career with his ankle. Now, his knee, we saw it last year, and we dealt with it. We'll deal with it again this year. That's why we invested in the best medical and training staff in the league."
 Nowitzki has already said he hopes to avoid surgery, but he also said he wouldn't play on a swollen knee all season long.  He missed his third straight preseason game and will rest as long as needed.  The team is hoping that rest and the knee draining Nowitzki underwent will be enough to keep him on the court for the regular season.

If the Mavericks do lose Nowtizki for any extended period, they will struggle.  There's no doubt about it.  He is the heart and soul of that team, and he's the best player.  It will be interesting to see how his knee responds when he gets back out on the court.

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