Derrick Rose Injury: Bulls' Star Getting Advice From Others

If you are to believe his Adidas commercial, Derrick Rose's return is imminent.  Of course, life is not a commercial.  Rose has a long rehab ahead of him still.  He's had a long rehab process behind him as well.  He's getting better, but he is still months away from being ready for game-style action.  In the meantime, while he works toward getting back on the court, Rose has been receiving advice from those with similar situations.

One of the more notable players to offer Rose advice is Brandon Roy.  Roy, who had to retire because of a slew of knee issues that led to degenerative problems, is making a comeback this season.  According to Chris Cason of the, Roy reached out to Rose to offer advice and discuss the procedure Roy hopes will help keep him on the court for good.

Roy underwent a procedure called Orthokine.  It's a procedure that has been very successful for player around the league, including Kobe Bryant.  Aside from the procedure itself, Roy offered Rose advice on how best to handle the situation.

“The biggest thing for him, I’d say is to be patient,” said Roy. “He’s a young guy, he has his whole career ahead of him and being patient and mentally tough, I think is the biggest challenge.”
Rose has not had any setbacks in his recovery, and his rehab is going well.  However, with the severity of the injury he suffered in last season's playoffs, it will take some time for him to get back on the court.  Patience is key.  Having those around him who are dealing with similar issues helps as well.

Another Minnesota Timberwolves player battling a knee injury has also spoke with Rose.  Ricky Rubio  tore his ACL and LCL and has had a more difficult recovery.  He hurt himself seven weeks before Rose, and yet he is not as far along in his rehab.  However, both players know the difficulties of battling back from knee injuries.
“It’s a tough injury. You’re six to eight months without playing your favorite sport,” Rubio said. “I just wish (Rose) as healthy a recovery as he can.”
Rose is not expected to return until February.  The Bulls will hope they can hold on long enough that Rose's return will help them make it back into the playoffs.  Last season, Rose averaged 21.8 points per game.

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